In the presence of the Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region, the Hight Council for Women & Development and UN Women celebrate International Women's Day


During the celebration of international Women's Day 2023

Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Masrour Barzani attended the International Women's Day event organized by The High Council of Women and Development (HCWD) and in partnership with UNWomen in Erbil. The event was attended by Khanzad Ahmad—Secretary general of the HCWD, Rebar Ahmed Khalid—Minister of Interior, Ricardo Rodriguez—Head of UNAMI Regional Office Erbil, Dina Zorba—UNWomen Representative to Iraq as well as members of parliament, ministries , civil society and international community including Sweden , Italy and other UN Agencies.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between HCWD and UNWomen to collaborate and partner on gender equality and women empowerment initiatives including the collection and analysis of gender disaggregated data in the Kurdistan region.