UN Women concerned by the continuing violence in the occupied Palestinian territory and its disproportionate impact on women and children


Statement by UN Women Palestine and UN Women Regional Office for the Arab States

UN Women joins the United Nations Secretary-General and other UN entities in voicing grave concern at the continuing violence in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel, particularly the targeting of civilian populations and killing of innocent people, including women and children.

UN Security Council Resolution 1325 of 2000 on Women, Peace and Security recognizes that civilians, particularly women and children, account for the vast majority of those adversely affected by armed conflict. The Resolution reaffirms the need to fully implement international humanitarian and human rights laws that stipulate the responsibility of all parties to protect the rights of women and children during and after conflicts. Palestinian women and girls living under occupation are not an exception.

UN Women calls on the international community to take note of the impact of this cycle of violence on vulnerable groups, especially women and children currently at risk of facing forced evictions in East Jerusalem and house demolitions in Gaza, and to foresee the need for expanded and gender-responsive humanitarian support, as well as gender-based violence, health and mental health services, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While recognizing the uneven nature and consequences of the current escalation, UN Women calls on all parties to uphold human rights and exercise the highest degree of self-restraint and reverse measures that have led to the current situation. It also calls on the international community, particularly the regional and international partners of both sides to work with them towards an immediate truce that paves the way for a peaceful and just solution for the Israeli- Palestinian conflict in line with international law and relevant UN Security Council resolutions.